Future Cases

The following cases are based on the Half-Earth Hypothesis, and representative future trajectories of basic variables (population, life expectancy, ecological footprint per person, and global ecological footprint). Click on the links for details.

Case Description
Best No population loss; global footprint drops to sustainable level.
Worst All ecological resources are used up and population crashes.
Projected Curve-fit of present trends, assuming limited ecological resources.
Hybrid Modified Projected Case, where population is held constant at first minimum.
Limitless No limits to population , life expectancy, or ecological resources.
Combined Mix of the above cases, with each weighted according to its expected probability of being real.
Limit-Seeking Population and footprint are adjusted to approach limits based on historical trends.
Limit-Seeking Reference Default Limit-Seeking and Limit-Seeking with self-sustained global warming, 2015-2045.
Worst Climate Non-linear self-sustained climate change acting as an additional global footprint.


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