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The following graphs describe an alternative future using the Timelines model. Population is held constant beginning in 2021, and per-capita consumption is reduced to only what is renewably produced by nature. Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere so that global average temperature reaches a peak and declines to its pre-industrial level.

For the following summary, roll over the image to see an animation of each year from 2021-2030.

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Population Number of people in the world.
Per-capita Consumption Average annual resources consumed by each person in the world.
Total Consumption Consumption of everyone in the world (also: R). 1 Earth = resources renewably produced per year.
Capacity Total resources consumed and available for consumption (including what is produced).
GWP Gross World Product (economic activity)
Emissions Global greenhouse gas emissions emitted, in carbon dioxide equivalent mass. Cum = cumulative amount over time.
Life Expectancy Life expectancy at birth.
Phase Category of behavior dependent on ratio of needs to habitat.
Needs Minimum resources per year consumed to sustain population (1/person). Remainder of consumption is waste.
Max Needs Needs of a maximum population that can exist with the current amount of habitat (see below).
Habitat Total resources not consumed = Capacity - Total Consumption. Also: "remaining habitat."
Population Efficiency Measure of population's exponential distribution as a function of phase.
Population Error Fraction of habitat not accounted for with distribution of population as a function of phase.
Cum R Change Emissions-equivalent resources withdrawn from atmosphere.
Cap Change Change in capacity due to causes other than human activity..
Cum Population Sum of people as a function of phase.
Happiness Life satisfaction (maximum = 1).
Child/Adult Average children per adult in a group.
Age Median age of people in a group.
Cum Consumption Sum of consumption as a function of phase.
Cum Capacity Sum of capacity as a function of phase.
GWP/p Gross World Product per person.
Wealth/p Wealth per person.
Cum Wealth Sum of wealth as a function of phase.
Extinction Year Projected year that population equals zero.
Temp Anomaly Difference between global average temperature and the global average temperature in 1805.
Hab Density People per unit of estimated habitat area.

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