Nature is about to settle humanity's considerable debts (Truthout)
Hansen warns of faster, dangerous global warming (Washington Post)
Global warming greatest in millions of years (Washington Post)
Record global temperatures during recent months (Climate Central)
Biosphere is now a net emitter of greenhouse gases (Science Daily)
Climate change acceleration imminent (Climate Progress)
Habitability threatened by greenhouse effect (Climate News Network)
Human gut bacteria are undergoing an extinction event (LA Times)
Pollinators are suffering major population loss (Huffington Post)
Methane spike hints at self-sustained climate change (Robertscribbler)
Doomsday clock stays at 11:57 p.m. (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)
Extinction rates are increasing exponentially (Science Advances)
Happiness may have strong genetic component (Medical Xpress)
Global temperature and sea level had huge increases in 2015
Space settlement will be very challenging (Scientific American)
Methane emissions higher than expected (Climate News Network)
NASA model describes collapse of civilizations (FAB WEB)
Negative global warming impacts to economy by 2025 (The Guardian)
New deadline for fossil fuel reduction: 2030 (Climate Home)
Climate agreement better but insufficient (Huffington Post)
Carbon emissions likely to peak after 2020 (Forbes)
Warm nights could lead to carbon flooding of atmosphere (Phys.Org)
Plants have changed carbon absorption over time (Phys.Org)
Carbon removal costs to environment are very high (Nature)
Carbon emissions may have droppped during 2015 (Nature)
Scary changes in Atlantic Ocean due to climate change (TakePart)
Freshwater consumption is unsustainably high (Washington Post)
Hansen cites insanity of same-old climate policies (The Guardian)
Global warming could trigger deadly oxygen loss (The Economic Times)
Arable land is being lost at an alarming rate (The Guardian)
Diplomacy may not move fast enough on climate (Rolling Stone)
Climate summit begins in Paris (Huffington Post)
Carbon dioxide concentration locked in above 400 ppm (Daily Kos)
Birds feeling effects of climate change (Bird Life International)
Russia may be building a doomsday cobalt bomb (The World Post)
Super coral could buy time for oceans (Huffington Post)
New groundwater map can assist usage planning (Thomson Reuters)
Pacific Ocean warming is worrisome (NY Times)
Current climate commitments fall short of target (Climate Progress)
Extinction is disrupting Earth's nutrient cycle (Nature World News)
Economic growth is leading to disaster (CASSE)
Planet habitability is just starting in the Universe (Science Alert)
Fracking is clearly a public health hazard (Inside Climate News)
Ocean ecosystems in danger of collapse (Climate Progress)
Forests are better preserved than removed for food (Takepart)
Catastrophic coral bleaching in progress (Climate Progress)
Mealworms can safely eat plastic (IFL Science)
Climate talks may delay worst case, but not by much (Climate Progress)
Liquid water found on Mars (NASA), but is there intelligent life on Earth? (Guardian)
GMOs are already pervasive in U.S. food supply (Huffington Post)
Ocean populations down by half, may soon crash (Climate Progress)
Hansen warns of imminent peril due to climate change (Truthout)
Civilization has wiped out half of all trees (LiveScience)
World temperatures on catastrophic track (Yahoo)
Deadly ocean bacteria growth may accompany climate change (Guardian)

New panspermia theory resembles an epidemic (

Naturalist E.O. Wilson proposes half-Earth solution to extinction (Truthout)
Stock markets dive in response to global slowdown fears (Huffington Post)
Excessive deforestation expected by 2050 (Climate Progress)
Humans are overfishing as super predators (Christian Science Monitor)
Avoiding climate catastrophe is unlikely, even if possible (
Time is limited to avoid catastrophic ocean acidification (Guardian)
Gene drive poses serious global risks (Independent)
Thanks to global warming, today is better than the future (Truthout)
Plastic is entering base of ocean food chain (Climate Progress)
Acidification is a clearer threat to ocean food chain (Takepart)
Sea rise may be higher and sooner than expected (Washington Post)
Time is running out for international climate agreement (Climate Central)
Plant loss and fossil fuel use critically diminishing ecosystem energy (
Catastrophic sea level increase now likely (Climate Progress)
Seabird population declining rapidly (Climate Progress)
Wild honeybees are losing habitat due to climate change (Yahoo)
Global warming could cause Earth to become like Mars (
Universe may be the result of 4-dimensional star collapse (Physics-Astronomy)
Dark matter observations imply Universe collapse (Physics-Astronomy)
NASA considers using nukes to deflect hazardous asteroids (Huffington Post)
Compared climate variables show human forcing (Bloomberg Business)
UK models show civilization vulnerable to imminent collapse (
Report proves that sixth great extinction has begun (
Pope addresses immorality of ecological degradation (Vatican)
Planet's fresh water is drying up (CommonDreams, AlterNet)
IMF report challenges trickle-down wealth (Addicting Info)
Greenhouse design enables drought survival (True Activist)
Artificial sweeteners in water may threaten food chain (CTV News)
Plants to lose growing time due to global warming (
Losses far exceed gains in our war on the natural world (Guardian)
Climate change temperature goal may be unattainable (Huffington Post)
Earth may not support 10B people due to climate change (Climate Progress)
Carbon from melting permafrost is entering atmosphere (The Ecologist)
Happiness linked to how events match expectations (Science Alert)
Better measurements show more sea level rise (AlterNet)
Happiness and meaningful work (Salon)
Unifying biologists to save the planet (Mosaic)
First month with > 400 ppm carbon dioxide (Climate Progress)
Large herbivores are rapidly going extinct (Washington Post)
Extinctions due to accelerate with climate change (Science)
Earth is currently using its maximum safe carbon budget (Break/Through)
Acidifying oceans caused major extinction, may cause ours (
Global warming causes more global warming (Climate Progress)
Soil depletion threat is underreported, dwarfs other concerns (
Record: Economy grew without growth in emissions (Climate Progress)
California is running out of water (LA Times)
Galaxy may be 50% larger than thought (
Natural carbon sinks becoming less efficient (Climate Progress)
Temperature soon to rise at historic rate (The Guardian, Climate Progress)
El Niño is here (Climate Progress)
Warming likely to increase soon (IBT)
Direct observation confirms global warming by CO2 (Yahoo)
Dark matter may cause extinctions (
NEF proposes outline for new "social settlement" (NEF)
Nuclear reactor cracks signal larger risk (The Ecologist)
Twelve ways civilization could end (Common Dreams)
Extreme drought forecast for western U.S. (Science Advances)
Human activity accelerating since 1950 (IGBP)
Planting trees best at offsetting global warming (Bloomberg)
Farming worse than tree loss for climate change (Science Alert)
2014 was hottest year on record (Climate Progress)
Study highlights humanity's peril (Reuters)
Non-energy global consumption peaked in 2006 (Ecology and Society)
Seal level rise is accelerating faster than expected (
Human activities erode soil much faster than Nature (
Gamma ray bursts may cause mass extinctions (
Oceans show rapid warming (Climate Denial Crock of the Week)
World on track to catastrophic warming (ABC News)
EIA: No carbon emissions by 2040 to avoid catastrophe (Climate Progress)
U.S. and China make historic climate deal (Climate Progress)
Saltwater fish may be extinct by 2048 (CBS News)
New IPCC report highlights irreversible impacts (Climate Progress)
Methane eruptions could signal runaway global warming (IFL Science)
Mass extinction event underway (ScienceDaily)
Climate reprieve explained, about to end (Climate Progress)
Warmest June recorded (Climate Progress)
More evidence of our role in global extinction (Huffington Post)
Unstoppable, catastrophic ice melting in Antarctica (Climate Progress)
U.S. climate assessment paints scary future (Climate Progress)
Permafrost thaw worse than thought (Climate Progress)
Fossil fuel economics similar to those of slavery (The Nation)
Atmospheric CO2 concentration at historic high (Climate Progress)
New IPCC report stresses global warming risks (IPCC, Climate Progress)
Ocean acidification getting worse (Climate Progress)
Climate change here and now (Huffington Post)
Latest time to fix climate: 2036 (Scientific American)
More evidence that warming will increase (Phys Org)
Extreme heat is increasing as climate warms (Climate Progress)
Future is now: Chinese pollution like nuclear winter (Guardian)
Volcanoes adding to apparent warming "slowdown" (Climate Progress)
Fukushima poses large environmental threat (Voice of Russia)
Record Arctic ice melting (Climate Progress)
Water overuse suggests approaching peak (Climate Central)
Interactive map shows local climate change (New Scientist)
La Niña may be responsible for slow warming (Huffington Post)
85 people worth as much as half the planet (Huffington Post)

Climate change and near-term extinction (Nature Bats Last)

2013 and 2003 fourth warmist years since 1880 (NOAA)

Antarctica starting irreversible melting (Climate Progress)
World stll headed for climate catastrophe (Climate Progress)
From 2006: Salt-water fish extinct by 2048 (CBS News)
Massive Fukushima groundwater radiation found (Mainichi)
Small doses of Fukushima radiation harmful (Fukushima Update)
Fukushima fuel removal starting (Fukushima Update)
World threat by Fukushima could get much greater (Common Dreams)
Drastic carbon reduction needed to avoid catastrophe (PLOS)
Rapid climate change a growing threat (Huffington Post)
Plankton loss threatens base of food chain (Climate Progress)
Oceans becoming worse than expected (SFGate)

Small asteroids pose greater risk than expected (Huffington Post)

Habitable worlds may be common (Huffington Post)
Maximum Earth habitability pegged by stellar study (SciTech Daily)
Global warming destroying ocean ecology (LA Times)
Climate change unstoppable, uninhabitable world assured (Daily Mail)
Oceans suggest extinction event underway (IPSO)
Arctic permafrost a climate time bomb (Climate Progress)

World much hotter last time CO2 hit 400 ppm (Climate Progress)

Summary of global warming impacts (Climate Progress)
Antarctica shows dramatic warming (Climate Progress)
Deep ocean heating caused by climate change (Climate Progress)
Geological record shows huge cost of high CO2 (Climate Progress)
Universe may not last forever (Digital Journal)
Arctic ice decreasing rapidly (Climate Progress)
Climate catastrophe unavoidable in less than 20 years (Huffington Post)
Antarctic melting much faster than expected (Huffington Post)
Future warming likely to be closer to worst case (NCAR)
Window closing on avoiding catastrophic global warming (PwC)
"Frankenstorm" threatens U.S. East Coast (Huffington Post)
Satellite gap will impair weather prediction (NY Times)
Climate-caused food crisis likely in 2013 (Guardian)
Climate's fate may be inevitably bleak due to permafrost (Climate Progress)
Melting methane may greatly extend global warming (RealClimate)
Fossil fuel use kills 5 million per year (Reuters)
Climate may be more sensitive to warming than expected (Climate Progress)
Recent heat unquestionably due to global warming (PNAS)
July was the hottest month in U.S. history (Huffington Post)
Three numbers describe global warming threat (Rolling Stone)
Approaching Dust Bowl 2.0 (Climate Progress)
A potential solution to global warming (Climate Progress)
Humans clearly the cause of warming oceans (Huffington Post)
Ecological tipping points could lead to end of civilization (Huffington Post)
Earth on course for worst-case global warming (Climate Progress)
Global warming and health in the U.S. (NRDC)
Global warming explanation inescapable (Climate Progress)
Greatest mass extinction was caused by global warming (NSF)
Unstoppable climate change may now be our best case (Common Dreams)
Fossil fuel industry's motives for climate change denial (Common Dreams)
Doomsday clock advances one minute (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)
Hard-core capitalists right to fear climate change (The Nation)
Drug resistant TB appears in India (Mother Jones)
Planet's ecology to be dramatically affected by climate change (Climate Progress)
Future climate likely to get a lot worse (Climate Progress)
Durban climate talks better than others, but not good enough (Grist)
Melting permafrost may triple carbon emissions (Climate Progress)
Daily weather ominous for climate change (Climate Progress)
Hawking says leave Earth (Huffington Post)
Time to Occupy Earth (Climate and Capitalism)
Highlights of a bleak future (Climate Progress)
Today's global warming unique in past 20,000 years (Climate Progress)
Record increase of global warming emissions in 2010 (Time)
Review of climate change research shows disturbing trends (WRI)
Focus on personal power is fueling global collapse (Climate Progress)
Record cost of food will go higher (Climate Progress)
Arctic ozone hole threatens worse climate (Climate Progress)
GOP escalates attacks on the biosphere (Huffington Post)
Sea level drops, Earth may become like Venus (Climate Progress)
Loss of forests threatens world habitability (NY Times)
Coming decade may see accelerated warming (Climate Progress)
Evolution threatened by global warming (Climate Progress)
Food prices stuck near highest ever (Climate Progress)
Big "duh": Oil and U.S. influence are intimately linked (Mother Jones)
Coral reefs may be the first global ecosystem we totally destroy (Climate Progress)
Natural gas no better than other fossil fuels for climate change (Climate Progress)
Arctic to be ice free in 20 years (Climate Progress)
Melting Russian permafrost could mean worst case climate change (Climate Progress)
Cost of carbon emissions underestimated (Mother Jones)
Biodiversity not helped by conservation (Huffington Post)
Algae research could lead to new carbon fuels (PhysOrg)
Current climate models may not predict abrupt changes (Nature Geoscience)
Study of Florida's past confirms climate change model (Grist)
EPA passes landmark air pollution rule (Grist)

U.N. warns of global "catastrophe" without green tech revolution (ENS)

Air pollution linked to brain problems (Green Car Congress)
Europe ahead of U.S. in climate change reporting (Solve Climate News)
Rapid ocean extinctions signal a mass extinction underway (Huffington Post)
OPEC acknowledges that Peak Oil is here (Huffington Post)
Energy trends spell big trouble (Mother Jones)
Tar sand development could make climate change unstoppable (Energy Bulletin)
Scientists explore worse scenarios of climate change (Climate Progress)
World Bank to finance U.S. cities' adaptation to climate change (PhysOrg)
High carbon emissions mean we're nearly screwed (Guardian)
Global warming to soon impact food supply (Reuters)
Excellent report discusses peak oil (YouTube)
U.S. climate clearly changed by global warming (Reuters)
Species extinction rate overstated (Dawn)
Arctic ice decline in "death spiral" (Climate Progress)
Carcinogens used in pavement across U.S. (EDF)
World unprepared for global warming's natural disasters (ABC)
Mass extinction in the oceans may result from global warming (UPI)
EPA bows to industry pressure in regulation of pollution (AP)
U.K. to drastically reduce carbon emissions (Guardian)
Peak oil both a challenge and an opportunity (Yes!)
U.N. says demand for resources could triple by 2050 (Google News)
U.S. scientists issue urgent warning on global warming (New York Times)
Vatican understands climate change (Climate Progress), Exxon doesn't want you to (Grist)
Global warming could dry the tropics (UPI)
Maturity may be the key to a better economy (Yes!)
Japanese nuclear situation may be much worse than reported (Huffington Post)
Food crops already adversely affected by global warming (New York Times)
Huge health costs from pollution (ScienceDaily)
Global warming causing much faster arctic ice melt (Huffington Post, Climate Progress)
Loss of arctic sea ice may expose permafrost (New Scientist)
"Climategate" timeline documents fake scandal (Mother Jones)
Happiest countries have highest suicide rates (ScienceDaily)
Attraction to risk caused financial crisis (PhysOrg)
Self-healing polymer may reduce waste (Discover)
Biofuels could provide 27% of transportation fuel by 2050 (Green Car Congress)
Canadian arctic plays large role in sea level rise (PhysOrg)
Reducing aerosols may accelerate rising of sea levels (Climate Progress)
Chinese disasters linked to global warming (Reuters)
Carbon tax faces opposition in Australia (Reuters)
Supreme Court to decide if states can regulate emissions (Yahoo)
GOP fights environmental protection in U.S. states (NYT)
Environment-based solar lawsuit in California thrown out (Reuters)
China to begin large scale gas drilling (Bloomberg)
Experts consider another large oil spill very likely (Yahoo)
Regulation threat yields modest fracking info (Bellingham Herald)
Great Barrier Reef ten years from destruction (New Scientist)
Japan nuclear crisis now on par with Chernobyl (Huffington Post)
New catalyst may make hydrogen production cheaper (ScienceDaily)
Sequel to Natural Capitalism addresses climate change (GreenBiz)
Tar sands debate heating up in Utah (AP)
Fracking likely worse than coal for climate change (The Hill)
Even slow climate change threatens food production (Trust)
Arctic warming so great that NASA changes climate chart scales (GOOD)
Budget deal averts worst, but still bad for green economy (Climate Progress)
New way found to measure extinction threat to animal species (PhysOrg)
Senate defeats ban on EPA emissions enforcement (Huffington Post)
Arctic ozone loss hits new record (PhysOrg)
High levels of radioactivity found in U.S. rainwater (Global Research)
Carbon capture technology may be unhealthy (PhysOrg)
Climate change critics verify climate change (LA Times)
Why we must avoid GMOs (Mercola)
Satellites aid in irrigation planning (PhysOrg)
Artificial leaf promises more green energy (Wired)
A new approach to algae-based biofuel (Yahoo)
Is peak oil behind Arab revolutions? (GOOD)
Cities contribute the most to global warming (Grist)
Gadgets overwhelm energy efficiency gains (GreenBiz)
Satellites show effects of drought in the Amazon (NASA)
"The Collapse of Globalization" (Truthdig)
Obama's climate adaptation plan takes effect (GOOD)
Nuclear power better than alternatives? (Guardian)
Urban gardens contain dangerous pollution (Huffington Post)
Prototype Orion spacecraft unveiled (Huffington Post)
Two billion Earth-like planets may be in our galaxy (Huffington Post)
U.S. regulators aware of seismic risks to nuclear plants for years (Huffington Post)
Prejudice may be evolutionary (PhysOrg)

Bee crisis shows our dependency on Nature (UPI)

Oceans could rise one foot by 2050 due to polar melting (Climate Progress)
Earth's core illuminates human-induced climate change (PhysOrg)
Gas from TVs worse than carbon dioxide for global warming - 2008 article (UPI)
Taking down the planet (Truthout)
Energy efficiency could be harmful (NY Times)
Sixth great extinction possibly underway (Huffington Post)
China to go green in five years (AFP)
Global warming CO2 concentration will cause direct biological damage (PhysOrg)
Happiness equals health, study shows (UPI)
Altruism and selfishness influenced by natural selection (PhysOrg)
Coral reefs may all be gone by 2050 (Huffington Post)
GOP "fights" national debt, adds to out-of-control natural debt (Time)
Melting permafrost may contribute more to global warming (Climate Progress)
Health effects from global warming in less than 30 years (PhysOrg)
House votes to stop EPA from regulating carbon dioxide emissions (Huffington Post)
World's economy is a Ponzi scheme (Climate Progress)
Global warming may not significantly change influence of natural climate cycles (PhysOrg)
Economic fears make meeting European greenhouse emission targets unlikely (Guardian)
Fox News biased against human-induced climate change (Climate Progress)

GOP proposes diverting climate research funding to space travel (Think Progress)

Wikileaks: Saudi Arabia overstated oil reserves (Huffington Post)
Long shot that asteroid could hit Earth in 2036 (Huffington Post)
World opting for techno fixes to economy, environment (Denver Post)
100% renewable energy possible by 2030 (PhysOrg)
Food crisis looming (Financial Times)
North Atlantic warming attributed to humans (PhysOrg)
Supreme Court Grants Corporations Right to Influence Elections (Huffington Post)
Arctic Methane Released Faster Than Expected (Science Daily)
First Solar Achieves Grid Parity (EcoGeek)
Coral Reefs Already 1/5 Destroyed (Huffington Post)
Living Planet Report 2008 Available (WWF)
Proposal Ties Economic Stimulus to Energy Plan (NYT)
More Water Shortages Coming to the West (Huffington Post)
The Significance of President Obama (Huffington Post)
When Consumers Capitulate (NYT)
A Last Push to Deregulate (Washington Post)
How We Fuelled the Deadliest War (Huffington Post)
Global recession at hand (Denver Post)
Feds take aim at species law (Denver Post)
Wildlife extinction rates 'seriously underestimated' (The Guardian)
Global Warming Twenty Years Later (Worldwatch Institute)
Top of sea warming 50% faster than thought (Telegraph)
Scientific Assessment Captures Effects of a Changing Climate on Extreme Weather Events in North America (NOAA)
Economy in turmoil: See current business news (NYT)


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