U.S. Per Capita Income and Expense

Based on the Population-Consumption model business-as-usual case, U.S. cost of living (represented by "Expense" in the following chart) was expected to grow about 2% faster than per-capita disposable income in 2009. From 2010 until just before the world population crash, income is projected to grow slightly faster than the cost of living.

If annual expense equals disposable income ($37,538) in 2010, then savings by 2025 (the accumulated difference between income and expense) is projected to be $14,825 -- which is only about 2% of expenses that year ($59,172).

This is based on the linear correlation between remaining world resources (calculated from the Population-Consumption model) and both per-capita disposable income and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) between 1930 and 2008, especially since globalization took full effect in about 1990:


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