Gross World Product

Based on Half-Earth Hypothesis scenarios for 2015-2035 and world economics as defined in PCM Version 4, the following trajectories of Gross World Product (GWP) are derived in 2009 U.S. dollars, using the conversion

GWP = 3.57763284972246E-18 * ( Happiness * Population )2

Roll over the image to see normalized values.

Note that this, like the other graphs, shows values for mid-year.

Using the limitless case as a reference, the following graph shows the trajectories of the remaining cases as fractions of what would be expected:

GWP Compared
The following graph shows annual change in GWP as a percentage of GWP for all of the cases. Roll over the graph for a close-up.
The following graph shows GWP per person. Roll over the image for normalized values.

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