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Big Pic Explorer is a repository for the writing and research of Bradley Jarvis concerning the future of humanity. Much of it includes, and is based upon, mathematical modeling of population and resource consumption over time.

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  • List of crises facing humanity is daunting (Guardian)
  • Global warming is unambiguously self-sustaining (Phys.org)
  • Target for avoiding climate catastrophe is now unreachable (Gizmodo)
  • Reducing air pollution will raise global temperatures (Eurekalert)
  • Climate change threatens food safety (Grist)
  • Self-sustained climate change is clearly in progress (Truthout)
  • One-fifth of world plants at risk of extinction (Kew)
  • Greatest risks to humanity's survival identified (Global Priorities Project)
  • Heatwaves becoming more widespread and deadly (Climate Home)
  • Ocean life may be oxygen-starved by the 2030s (AGU)
  • Global 2016 temperature could reach 1.1° to 1.5° C (New Scientist)
  • Oil industry's climate-risk coverup is decades old (Huffington Post)
  • Fish populations are crashing, may be gone in decades (Truthout)
  • Biodiversity is at risk from high-impact living (PhysOrg)

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A new version of the population-consumption model (2/2018) simulates global variables over time as well as how those variables manifest within the world's population. The simulation best matching the real world involves waste overcoming the part of the biosphere that humanity depends upon for survival, resulting in our extinction by 2037.

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